Mission Statement

Due to COVID-19 and certain state laws and risks to those with lower immune systems, in-person classes will not be held until Spring 2021. However, nature walks, some field trips, and hikes will still be organized starting in October. They will happen until the weather prevents us from being outside.

Our mission is to help EVERY child learn whatever they want and in a way that interests them. We strive to teach not only the core subjects, but nature studies and life skills as well. Every child deserves a head start in every aspect and we strive to bring them up together in harmony. Parents also need support. We want to provide everything you need to make your child successful.

Videography Contest!!!
We need a creative video portraying the vision and mission statement of the Harmony Community for the home page of our website. We decided it would be really fun to open it up to the teens in our own community and give them an opportunity to put their work on the world wide web! Their work would also be shown on our YouTube channel. The contest ends on October 27 at midnight. The winner will be given a prize of $50!
This contest is only open to community members. Please email us to learn more.