Social Groups

All Ages:

Pokemon Club

This is a chance for all kids who love Pokémon to come together and talk about it. This will only be a large group. Kids may decide to have a big virtual game. This is just for fun and the children will be allowed to have fun with it. No agenda will be provided.

Meetings will be held live every two weeks. The links will be put into the calendar. Meetings WILL NOT be recorded.

Minecraft Club

Forum for discussion

Facebook Group

Be sure to check the calendar for our zoom meetings!

Early Learning (ages 2-6)

Show and Tell

Stay tuned for your weekly show and tell. They will be held via zoom, will be posted to the calender, and I will also provide a link here. Children are encouraged to participate however they are comfortable. If they don’t want to talk but just want to listen to others, that’s perfectly fine!

High School Level (ages 12-18)